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You probably never imagined having to call a biohazard cleanup company. If the unfortunate need arises City BioClean is here to help. Here are common ways our customers have financed our biohazard cleaning and crime scene cleanup services.

Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Your homeowner’s insurance agent may have been the one to refer you to us. Like you, they want your home cleaned up and repaired correctly the first time, and they don’t want to have to compensate you for hotel stays, replacement clothing, and dining expenses… all of which may be required if your home and belongings are contaminated, quarantined, or sealed off as a crime scene.

What you can do: Review your policy and contact your agent to make sure you’re covered in case you ever need our biohazard, flood, crime scene, or tear gas cleanup services.

What we can do: We’ve completed biohazard cleaning projects for national and regional home insurance carriers to expedite our customer’s claims. We can refer to prior cases for precedent, we have contacts within the insurance industry who know and trust City BioClean.

Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance policies are similar to homeowner’s, though they generally provide narrower coverage. However, in conjunction with your landlord’s insurance policy, you and the property owner can usually distribute biohazard cleanup costs between both policies.

What you can do: Review the terms of your lease and your renter’s policy, and make sure you have your landlord’s emergency contact phone number and e-mail in an easy-to-find location.

What we can do: Most homeowner’s and renter’s policies are issued by the same major carriers. We can collaborate with your and your landlord’s insurance companies to expedite your collective claims.

Business Insurance

Your company likely has liability and property insurance to cover on-premises death, dismemberment, or another traumatic injury, whether the incident involved the public, an employee, or a customer. The procedure will depend on whether the trauma was a work-related injuryon-the-job deathworkplace accidentindustrial fatality, or non-injurious biohazard contamination.

What you can do: As with the above, review your business insurance policies. If you rent your facilities, check with the property owner or manager and find out who to call in case the premises ever become a crime scene or trauma site. Post our number and all emergency contacts where you, your employees, and your subcontractors can easily find them: First aid kits and stations, break rooms, offices, and extinguisher sites are ideal locations.

What we can do: City BioClean can immediately respond to workplace blood spills and other biohazard cleanup requests. We work with your insurance company or that of your property owners to facilitate a quick biohazard remediation turnaround.

Supplemental Health Insurance

If your company benefits include supplemental health insurance, or if you have a private policy for death and dismemberment, hospitalization, accidental injury, or serious illness, you may be able to receive an immediate cash payout to use as you see fit. That need might include any of the following duties performed by professional biohazard cleaners:

  • Cleaning blood spills
  • Cleaning up bodily fluids spilled during a serious illness
  • Sanitizing homes contaminated by C dif, E. coli, MRSA, hepatitis, salmonella, or other bloodborne (or airborne) pathogens.
  • Cleaning up after an unattended death related to an accident, injury, or prolonged illness.

You’ll need to provide proof that you qualify for the claim, but payouts tend to be very quick. These can be used to finance your trauma cleanup costs.

What you can do: Ask your employer if your company offers supplemental insurance. If they do, check your policy to find out whether and when you’re entitled to an immediate cash payout, or which documents you need to provide to file a claim. Look into investing in your own, independent affordable supplemental insurance policy to compensate for expenses and lost income in the case of a health crisis or emergency.

What we can do: In most cases, you don’t have to justify your supplemental insurance benefits. However, if you provide us with your policy number, we can determine a payment date and move forward with your biohazard cleaning project without unnecessary delay.

Victim’s Services Departments:

Most states and municipalities maintain victim’s services programs to assist in crisis situations. These agencies can direct you to resources in your community to help with temporary housing, crime scene cleaning costs, grief counseling, and communication between victims and prosecuting attorneys.

What you can do: Ask your responding law enforcement officers for a referral, or call your city or state attorney’s office for the name and number of your local victim’s services department.

Ask Us How We Can Help

Our goal is to help you get through this difficult time without further distress, and we know how important it is for you to return to your home or reopen your workplace without worrying about unnecessary health hazards or the added unexpected costs of crime scene and biohazard cleaners.

Contact us right away, whether you are in immediate need or you are a business owner wanting to set up a plan for future emergency protocols. Our accounts include hospitality companies, public institutions, law enforcement agencies, and property management firms.

We equally value families and individuals knowing that their trauma is personal. As much as we appreciate our ongoing commercial business relationships, we’d rather leave our customers happy, satisfied, and never ever in need of our biohazard cleanup services again.


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